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St Patrick's Pyramid Hill has the responsibility to embed a culture of child safety and ensure that policies and procedures demonstrate zero tolerance of child abuse in the school.
The school's policies and procedures shall provide the foundation for and commitment to child safety by ensuring;
  • all school staff comply with a code of conduct which addresses child safety. St Patrick's Primary school recognise and consider existing professional expectations of conduct when developing child safety codes of conduct
  • recruitment processes are in place to manage and reduce the risk of child abuse. In addition, processes shall be in place to ensure that there are appropriate staff induction programs, staff professional development and staff supervision arrangements to ensure child-safe environments 
  • policies and procedures for reporting and responding to suspected child abuse shall enable individuals to take the appropriate course of action to protect the safety of students 
  • the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of risk management strategies to ensure child safety in the school environment
  • children feel safe to report abuse and have processes in place to ensure that students are empowered to raise any child safety concerns. St Patrick's will support students to develop appropriate knowledge and skills so that children can identify and communicate when the do not feel safe.  
Our Goals 
  • To create and maintain a child safe school environment 
  • To ensure that strategies, policies, procedures and practices are inclusive of the needs of all children, particularly students who are vulnerable due to age, family circumstances, abilities or Indigenous, cultural or linguistic background.
  • To develop policies and procedures to implement the child safe standards, communicate information about them to the school community; including staff, parents and students and conduct appropriate professional development activities. 


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