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To Love, Learn and Respect

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School Information - Strategic Intentions


School Board

The function of the Board is to act as an advisory body to Fr. Novelito and Mrs Colleen Hampson. The School Board is found on the philosophy of 'Shared Wisdom' in our school community. Our strategic plan gives direction for parents to be involved in the renewal and improvement of the school. St. Patrick's School Board plays an important role in the decision making processes of the school.

The Board Members for 2020 are:-

  • Fr. Novelito Lim
  • Principal: Mrs Colleen Hampson
  • Chairperson: Mrs Nizelle Sawit
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Mrs Penny Caspani
  • Ms Samantha Doyle
  • Ms Rose Pavo
  • Mrs Marilyn Fernandez
  • Mrs Katrina van Eyk
  • Mr Ron Peacock
  • Mrs Arlene Calamcam