St Patrick's Pyramid Hill

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To Love, Learn and Respect



St. Patrick's strives to:

  • Provide a safe, positive and caring school environment
  • Build collaborative partnerships among home, school, parish and wider community
  • Nuture the uniqueness and dignity of each individual in the school community
  • Provide a contemporary curriculum that develops the intellect, imagination, spirituality, social skills, wellbeing and physical growth of each Learner
  • Model the teachings of Jesus as the core of who we are and what we do in the context of the Catholic faith tradition
  • Develop the capacity of Learners to contribute positvely to society


St Patrick’s Democratic Principles

  • St Patrick’s educates its Learners about the country we live in, the law of the land and our right to freedom of speech, association and religion
  • St Patrick’s educates its Learners to be lawful and responsible citizens
  • St Patrick’s proudly recognises and pays respect to our traditional land owners, the Barapa Barapa people of Jaara country.
  • St Patrick’s educates its Learners to be respectful and value all individuals, proudly raising four flags: Australian, Filipino, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander


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