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To Love, Learn and Respect


St Patrick’s Principles of Effective Teaching and Learning


At St Patrick’s we believe that effective teaching and learning is successful when based on the principles of respectful relationships, shared professional expectations, competent knowledge of the curriculum and knowing how our Learners best learn and achieve.

 St Patrick’s Principles of Effective Teaching and Learning

  • We are committed to having positive and encouraging relationships with all of our Learners
  • We are committed to ensuring our Learners feel safe and secure in all learning environments and experiences
  • We are committed to working collegially and collaboratively to provide explicit teaching and learning experiences for our Learners
  • We are committed to providing our Learners with learning experiences that are rich, real and relevant
  • We are committed to knowing what our Learners interests, gifts and talents are and nurturing them
  • We are committed to providing a  curriculum that is driven by individual Learner data and personalised needs
  • We are committed to modelling and explicitly teaching the levels of thinking needed to allow our Learners to be independent and lifelong learners
  • We are committed to providing learning that is inclusive of all Learners and engages their interest and voice
  • We are committed to being competently skilled to plan, deliver and understand the curriculum we provide to all Learners
  • We are committed to continually reflecting on our own learnings and practices
  • We are committed to scaffolding all Learner learning so that success is achievable
  • We are committed to ongoing professional learning and improving our professional standards
  • We are committed to fulfilling our roles and responsibilities to the best of their abilities.


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