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To Love, Learn and Respect



St Patrick’s uses a variety of assessment tools to gather data on the progress of individual Learners. We follow a formal assessment schedule at the beginning and conclusion of each year to ensure the Learners are being taught at the required levels. The data is used and analysed regularly to inform our teaching practices. Assessment is often discussed at a whole school level to ensure we are meeting the needs of our individual Learners and using all teaching expertise available. Assessment tools used are; anecdotal records, checklists, moderated work samples, diagnostic tests, observations, peer and self assessment protocols, conferences and assignments.

Goal setting

Ownership of learning is important for each Learner as we aim to develop independence and intrinsic motivation. Each Learner, supported by teaching staff, regularly set personalised goals in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy to support learning and academic growth. Opportunities are also provided for goal setting in the area of personal and social development. An essential part of learning is knowing yourself as a Learner: both your challenges and successes.


School Reports

A School report aims to document a Learners growth and achievements each Semester. It communicates learning and teaching information to home, relevant to the individual Learner. Reports aim to describe what each Learner has achieved and how he or she has gone about their learning as well as providing recommendations for future learning.

Written reports are distributed twice yearly: mid and end of year. Each report is followed up with a Parent / Teacher / Learner discussion where progress, concerns and future goals can be addressed in further detail.