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Parent Involvement

Catholic Schools see parents as their Learners first and most important teachers. Parents are valued as partners in education. There are many ways in which parents can involve themselves in their Learners school life and become active participants in partnership with the staff.

It is our belief at St. Patrick's that the school will function well if there is effective two-way communication between school and home. 

Communication is paramount to successful relationships. The staff and teachers at St Patrick‚Äôs strive to keep parents informed about the happenings at school at every opportunity. The school provides fortnightly newsletters, home / school diaries, telephone calls / SMS, home visits, parent information sessions, paper correspondence and the school website are all avenues of communication. If however, any parent has any queries relating to the operation of the school and the wellbeing of your Learner, please do not hesitate to contact the school and make an appointment with the Principal or the class teacher. 

Home School Relations

We welcome and encourage parent participation and involvement in all aspects of our school's activities and your Learners learning. If Learners see their parents showing an interest in the school and gain enjoyment from its activities, they are much more likely to place emphasis on learning and gain enjoyment themselves.

 How to be Involved

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