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To Love, Learn and Respect



Leadership is a quality that all Learners at St. Patrick’s Primary School, Pyramid Hill are encouraged and supported to develop. Learners from Foundation to Year 6 take on the role of leaders of their own learning and through the completion of classroom responsibilities. Through the curriculum, all Learners are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to be a leader. This ensures that all Learners perceive themselves as leaders and have the opportunity and confidence to take on leadership roles.

Leadership roles challenge individuals to develop a sense of vision and purpose as they take on responsibilities and use decision making skills in order to carry a project through to a successful conclusion. They develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills including communication, negotiation, teamwork and reflection. Learners are given opportunities to develop the skills of active, reflective listeners who respond effectively as they work with others to determine and achieve collective goals.

Through their actions, St. Patrick’s Primary School Learners reflect and demonstrate the School’s Values: Love, Learn & Respect.

The Primary Leadership roles are School Captain/s, Catholic Identity, Pastoral Wellbeing and Steward of Resources.


  • We are committed to providing opportunities to develop leadership skills in all Learners
  • We are committed to supporting our Learners as they develop their leadership skills
  • We are committed to inspiring our Learners to pursue leadership opportunities
  • We are committed to developing our Learners to be lifetime learners, leaders and contributors to our local and global world
  • We are committed to enabling and empowering a student voice in our school environment
  • We are committed to empowering a positive mindset in our Learners assisting them to accept challenges
  • It is our aim to promote and develop leadership skills in all of our Learners ranging from classroom responsibilities to more formal leadership roles.