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To Love, Learn and Respect

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Selecting a school for your Learner is one of the most important decisions you as a parent will make and one that must ultimately provide the best environment for your Learner to grow and experience success. St Patrick’s is a school that welcomes the whole family to the school community and truly believes that the home / school partnership is key to a wonderful education.

Some advantages of enrolling your Learner at St Patrick’s... 

• All Learners receive a high standard curriculum that is tailored to individual Learner needs.
• The curriculum aims to educate the whole Learner - nurturing the development of the spiritual, emotional, social, academic and physical needs of the Learner.
• Catholic schools provide our Learners with excellent education in a faithful and spiritual environment.
• Inclusion and recognition of the Indigenous people and their perspective in our curriculum, acknowledging the traditional owners of our area.
• Our Learning and Teaching is current in practice and reflective in its pedagogy, aiming to develop the child and prepare them for our ever changing world.
• A structured English and Mathematics block is planned according to Learner needs to ensure that our children are on a continuum to meet AusVel standards.
• Our smaller class sizes ensure that teacher / Learner learning time is optimal and frequent.
• We warmly welcome family involvement and know that it is fundamental to every Learners success.
• Our 1:1 Apple Mac Laptops, iPads and the use of Google Apps for Education to ensure our Learners are using current learning platforms and technologies.
• Our curriculum is designed to promote independence of learning and deepen levels of thinking.
• We provide a range of curriculum areas that expose our Learners to many learning experiences to ignite future interests and directions.

  • The excellent facilities and resources. 

• Being and active member of our local community and encourage relationships between local organisations and our school. 

• The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.
• The Inquiry based learning which develops the Learners ability to investigate and question the world around them.
• That all members of our community are life long learners on a journey, continually reflecting, and persevering for a better future.

We invite you to come and have a look! 


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Application for Enrolment